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At the AGILEEYI, we apply our in-depth industry knowledge and client feedback to help identify and secure the right candidates quickly and efficiently.

Staff Placement and Augmentation

We staff projects of all sizes with professionals offering a wide range of skill sets including Software Architects and Developers, Business Intelligence Analysts, and Team Leads/Managers. We recruit for contract, contract-to-hire, and full-time opportunities. Our employees serve in various capacities in a variety of fields such as athletic apparel, banking, healthcare, and insurance.

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Clinical Staffing
SAP staffing
Pharma Staffing

1. Clinical Staffing Solutions

Regulation and liability are the two most significant challenges with regards to employing clinical resources.

Sourcing candidates that are competent, certified and experienced is critical and that is where we excel. Using our growing network of clinical professionals, social connects and our consistent effort to maintain a pipeline of the candidates you need we respond quickly and effectively to your clinical talent needs.

Our well established clinical talent recruiters who come from the scientific background have profound knowledge in FDA and other industry regulations. We speak your language and can provide you with highly-specialized, licensed and qualified clinical resources.

From short-term engagement to full-time hires we provide skilled, vetted and qualified candidates across technologies. Some of recently placed resources:

  1. Biostatistician
  2. Clinical Data Analyst
  3. Clinical Data Coordinator
  4. Clinical Director
  5. Clinical Research
  6. Clinical Research Project Manager
  7. Clinical Scientist
  8. Clinical Study Manager
  9. Document Review Specialist
  10. Drug Safety Specialist
  11. Heath, Safety & Environmental
  12. Nurse
  13. Medical Affairs
  14. Medical Information Specialist
  15. Medical Technologists
  16. Medical Writer
  17. Quality Assurance
  18. Patient Care
  19. Patient Recruiters
  20. Regulatory Affairs
  21. R&D
  22. Technical Writer
  23. Clinical Resources provides other clinical / healthcare professionals at the LPN, RN, BS, MS, Ph.D. and MD levels.

2. SAP Staffing & Recruiting

How does our long history of staffing SAP implementations help you?

We have forged relationships with hundreds of SAP experts out in the field. These are currently employed candidates who would likely consider a new opportunity. These talented individuals are not available on job boards but they are available to us. You can to tap into our existing relationships to coax away or find otherwise unsearchable SAP talent.

Our recruiters have the background and experience to select candidates that are true SAP experts. They can differentiate between resources with real on-the-job experience and novices claiming to have experience they do not.

Plus our exclusive TalentMatch™ database follows 164,000+ passive SAP candidates that very few staffing firms have access to - individuals whose resumes are not active on the job boards!

This talent pool includes thousands of SAP candidates with in-depth experience in Finance, Retail, Legal, Government, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, and other industries. You will get expert SAP candidates from us wherever you need them.

We can source the perfect candidate for your project in as little as 24 hours! There is no fee to have our seasoned recruiters get started searching to fill your requirements and provide you with qualified candidates. You don’t pay until you decide to hire or contract one of our candidates. All of our direct-hires are guaranteed for 90 days from their start date! Tell us more about your SAP requirements in the section below.

One of our experienced SAP account managers will be in touch with you shortly.

3. Pharmaceutical / Life Sciences/Medical Device

The Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries operate with significant operational and regulatory challenges, have the constant demand to release new and innovative products and face increasing pressure to demonstrate profitability. At the same time, patent protection is eroding, consumers are looking for lower-cost alternatives, and competition is fierce.

To succeed today, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies need to overcome industry challenges, create product differentiation, and drive sustainable growth. We help pharmaceutical and life sciences companies acquire and manage the talent they need to meet the challenges of a changing industry and gain a competitive advantage.

Agileeyi offers Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences/Medical Device client an integrated approach – aligning talent strategy with business strategy – providing enterprise-wide talent on-demand that can support:

  1. Supply Chain, Procurement, and Logistics
  2. Research & Development
  3. Regulatory
  4. Clinical Data
  5. Chemistry
  6. BioChemistry
  7. Nursing
  8. Scientific
  9. Packaging & Labels
  10. Healthcare Compliancy & Privacy
  11. Quality Assurance
  12. ​Accounting/Finance
  13. HR/Legal
  14. Administrative/Clerical
  15. Marketing & Communications
  16. Information Technology
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