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Agileyi offers a full range of services in outsourcing and software development, which comprise of product design and offshore software development for enterprise and B2B systems.


The company has extensive experience in working with multiple global clients and domains in product development and projects based assignments. AGILEEYI's portfolio of offshore services comprises of offshore software development for product and solutions companies in the Financial, messaging, Travel, E-Com based development arena. AGILEEYI uses a superior engagement model to deliver its, customers with a time tested offshore services. AGILEEYI offers a unique value proposition by utilizing the best offshore practices which it has gathered over a period of time.

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What we need?

We offer you a world class infrastructure, the technology, domain expertise and a time tested and streamlined offshore process, along with the skilled resources for your requirements. AGILEEYI also offers immense scalability on the resources, infrastructure and offshore model. This can help your business to scale up or down according to your requirements to provide immediate or phased development objectives at a favorable cost structure.

This offshore development model allows you to control your development and IT costs on the following front..

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Software development
  3. Scaling of resources
  4. Project management
  5. Salient Features of HTFSKILL provided Dedicated Offshore Development Teams
  6. We specialize as an offshore development centre where requirement based
  7. dedicated resources are provided
  8. All required infrastructure for effective offshore development is provided.
  9. Ability to ramp up and ramp down resources
  10. Client specified development processes adopted.
  11. Project management by the client or HTFSKILL.
  12. Regular reporting and account management.
  13. Onsite coordinator for all projects
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