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We do reference check and background check as part of recruiting services but we also have background check services Worldwide. Whether you hire employees from foreign land or candidates who have attained their educational degrees or have even work experience from foreign land, we check them all.

Background check is not just a Reference check

AGILEEYI specializes in FCRA-compliant pre-employment background screening: Is John who he says he is? Does he have a criminal history that may affect his suitability for an open position? Does his educational and employment history check out? AGILEEYI helps you answer these important questions quickly to ensure you’re minimizing a candidate’s potential risk. Identify potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons.

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With AGILEEYI's employment screening services, you get: Superior in-country and global coverage Customizable solutions to screen anyone in your organization, from the mailroom to the boardroom Since AGILEEYI's global reach to other countries and territories, we can easily provide our customers with valuable information about candidates around the world. A worldwide network and extensive language capabilities mean we’re uniquely equipped to meet the needs of our global clientele, delivering background checks for customers in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and across the Asia Pacific region.

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